Saturday, 11 June 2011

Drinking last night....

I wish I was just puking rainbows

I was drinking last night for a Kesäjuhlat (summer party) for my sports club.  I had this elaborate plan that I would get to the airport really early.  That plan was spoiled when alas I past out, then woke up just in time to catch my 6:30 flight.   The all night sun helps wake one up so I am happy for that.  So now I am feeling a little bit drunk and a little bit sick.  I am actually surprised they let me through the security check.  If they asked it would go something like this.

Security: Are you okay?  Are you drunk?
Me: I am in Finland it is kinda hard not to be.
Security: Take off your belt please. 
Me: This good? (I take off my pants then I get arrested and denied boarding)

So as I am writing this I am waiting for my plane so I did not get arrested. However the second one could still be possible.  So as I am feeling sick.  I would love to understand the surface tension of the stuff I should be throwing up: bile (bile acids and salts). They are steroid acids and are compounded with a cation usually sodium.  In humans taurocholic acid and glycocholic acid are present.  Since they align at the oil water interface the bile reduces the surface tension to 5 dynes/cm (oil water interface) as compared to 40-50 dynes/cm at the air water interface.  They probably used an instrument like this Langmuir Blodgett trough to understand the compressibility of the puke errr I mean bile.  The bile together reduces the surface tension more than the compounds alone (REF).  O'Connor and all also have an nice article measuring the surface tension these at different pH's
ect.  With this knowledge I am pretty sure the surface tension is not the thing that is making me sick though....