Friday, 16 December 2011

Surface tension exhibition from November to January

Water is delicate and there is a balance of water and understanding water.  Water is life from boating to drinking.  All these different people from scientists to engineers, designers to artists are coming together to talk about water.  Ubercool.  If you are in Dublin near Trinity college check it out!


Taken from their site:

The future of water is the subject of tension. Water is both disposable and sacred, a muse for artists and a necessity for life – a source of healing and of conflict. The Earth has abundant water, but only a very small proportion is available for human use. How should this be managed and sustained, and what would a water-scarce future look like?

SURFACE TENSION brings together work by artists, designers, engineers and scientists to explore the future of water, playing on its physical properties, its role in politics and economics, and ways in which it may be harnessed, cleaned, and distributed.