Monday, 23 April 2012

Could bubbles be the future of the lightbulb?


The history of lightbulbs is only two hundred years old starting with Humphry Davy an English chemist in 1809. That said there have been very similar consisting: a filament, a gas or under vacuum and a glass bulb.  So they all share one important trait: they're all solid.  A new design has changed this a little using surface tension of a bubble.  So it can pop and reform making a hazy bubble light.

The Surface Tension Lamp, is a design by Italian designers Spazio Rossana Orlandi from Netherland's company Front and Boo.  It replaces the lightbulb's glass with liquid water.  In the middle an LED lamp shines through a bubble as it expands.  The light is reflected to create luminescence. Then POP!  The surface tension bulb pops.  However when this bubble pops a new on takes its place. Three million bubbles will expand and explod over the LED lamp's lifespan of 50000 hours.  

Check them out in the video below:

Possibly this is not the most practical idea since it does not give out so much light.  Maybe a it will give a hazy glow.  It might be good for certain applications like outside because the liquid might spray out in a mist when the bubbles pop.  It would be interesting also to see whether the surface tension can be altered to make the bulb last longer.