Sunday, 17 June 2012

Making a Surface Tensiometer Out of Lego

I picked up Wired to day to see the picture below. I did not look at the article but I thought that looks like a Du Nuöy ring a little. Well the researcher Daniel Strange who was working on his Masters degree at Cambridge came up with a solution for his project (nothing to do with surface tension) using lego. His project uses robots to mimic the composition of bones. To do this Daniel now doing his PhD in biomedical engineering under the supervision of Michelle Oyen built a robot out of legos. If a 12 year old kid could do it so can a PhD researcher, right?

The resulting crane like structure is clumsy but gets the job done. A similar device would have cost thousands of euros. Could one make a tensiometer out of Lego? It would be not as elegant, accurate nor as portable as a Kibron device but it could probably be done. I should try...