Monday, 5 November 2012

How to detect urinary problems by peeing?

Unfortunately, this blog post is not for women or men that pee while they are sitting.  At this point I am peeing standing.  It is always amazing to watch the color, flow and protein amount (those bubbles that you see in the morning protein) in my pee.  Call it crazy call it what you will but I think it is important to know your body and what is coming out of it.  I particularly like beet root for example because it makes me look like I am peeing fire like some kind of angry dragon.  Today I stumbled on this interesting headline:

'Men should go with the flow at urinal'

In this news story covered by the  New Zealand Doctor newsroom correlates peeing flow rate and shape characteristics due to the changes in the surface tension of the pee to potentially detect some medical problems.  A computer model of liquid jets escaping different outlets (think of a rubber hose and compressing it to make ovals and other shapes) and then they compared their findings with the volunteers streams.  They could diagnose a number of urinary problems.  There is a interesting relationship between shape and flow rate when peeing 'which suggests poor meatal opening during voiding'.

"This has advantages over existing [urodynamic testing] in that it is completely non-invasive, simple and cheap to implement and avoids inaccuracies associated with voiding in a clinical setting and obtaining data from a single void," the researchers said. So what does mean for you?  Nothing if you pee sitting down.  However if you watch watch while you pee, maybe you could take a video of it and send it to the researchers.

You also do some simple tests by measuring the static and dynamic surface tension of your pee with a surface tensiometer to understand whether you have rheumatic, neurological or oncological diseases as well as other things like jaundice.