Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Oil Christmas Trees in Texas

Surface tension and other natural physical phenomenons has become a central way to make interesting artistic projects.  Ferrofluids, electromagnetism and surface tension create interesting art together.  Ferrofluids are oil laces with bits of iron oxide.  The iron allows this fluid to become magnetic when a magnetic field is applied.  Japanese artist Sachko Kodama turned her ferrofluid creation into a Christmas special that the people at Exxon or BP must love.  She probably noticed the effect of surface tension when she applied the field and realized there are branches like that of a Christmas Tree.  The surface tension of the oil causes the branches to pull into themselves forming sharp tips.  There is a spiral effect from the two towers which spray fluid out allows these Christmas trees to seem to blossom.

Maybe she is is trying to tell us something?  A relationship between oil and the life blood of Christmas or that humans do not value living things anymore but oil is more important.  Or maybe she just saw a cool effect with surface tension and electromagnetism to show through art.

Check out her site she has some really cool stuff using ferrofluids and other physical properties.