Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bill Nye Teaches About Surface Tension

I remember watching Bill Nye when I was younger and learning about science.  From this post from Mashable I learned that Rush Limbaugh said, '"Bill Nye is not a scientist. Bill Nye can explain to kids things like surface tension, why you can fill a glass above the rim and it won't fall over if it's just the right amount. He explains things like that, surface tension. He's not a scientist. He knows it, and everybody else knows it. Doesn't matter."  Well teaching kids anything about science and having passion about it is far better than whatever bullshit Rush Limbaugh spews out of his  mouth. 

Personally, I would love to see Bill Nye work with Tesla or Elon Musk on the Hyperloop.  Bill Nye has a degree in hydraulic engineering and works with cool space stuff.  Well that is what I would say during an interview to build something called a Hyperloop.