Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bubble Fest? Nobody told me.

There is no better way to learn about surface tension and have fun on spring day then blowing a bubble.  Bubble are beautiful, dynamic, different and transient.  At the Discovery Science Center in Orange County California decided to make this into an event.  They have actually done this for 15 years prior.  Nobody told me?

The bubblefest officially happens at the Discovery Science Center March 31 - April 22, 2012.  It is designed to help visitors appreciate and understand the 'scientific principles and mathematics of bubbles', and to let them explore the world of bubbles in a fun, hands-on environment.'  The guests can create their own bubbles to learn about math and science principles like surface tension, elasticity, air pressure, and geometry.

At the 16th Bubblefest it will be the most impressive.  They are even making a giant bubble so you could be like a boy in a bubble.  The best part about it is they hired a curator to do this festival.  Deni Yang makes bubbles for a living.  Really, check out his site:  Actually this guys is seriously nuts about bubbles and has even ranked in the Guinness World Record #1 Berlin, Germany November 1991 for  The Biggest Spherical Bubble 2,3m (7.45f) In Circumference.  Actually he has 15 other world records.   He tours, he makes toys and he makes bubbles. Kinda awesome.

Check out his video here:

Bubblefest should happen all over the world though and not just in California.  So during March 31st- April 22nd go outside.  Blow some bubbles.  (More about bubble science in another post).