Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The 'Leaky Slit' Model

One of my colleagues made a video.  Check it out....

This instrument the DeltaPi-4 can measure the dynamic surface tension of a number of different films.  You can then inject drugs, surfactants, proteins or, as Rohit did peptides underneath the surface.  The peptide can change the surface tension of the membrane to give a potential understanding of the mechanism of action.  Here they used a phermone peptide from bacteria.  They saw that it behaves in a line in the planar bilayer.  You can see it in the paper but it is kinda like the columns being aligned at the Acropolis in Greece except with less space.  This alignment shows the mechanism.  This peptide might destroy other bacteria henceforth the name: antimicrobial peptide.  They call it by a provocative name 'The Leaky Slit' model.  Who said science is not fun?