Sunday, 14 August 2011

Coffee in Space

As I sit here drinking my coffee I am thinking about that awesome barista that the international space station must have.  A couple of months ago I was at the Film Museum in Paris and they had an exhibition on Stanley Kubrick.  I am a huge fan of Kubrick's works and 2001: The Space Odyssey is something that I love.  Particularly the scene where they have a barista in space.  This is not only awesome from a coffee drinkers point of view but also awesome from my designer girlfriend's view of furniture design especially Danish Mordern of Arne Jacobson as displayed in the film.

However, the space station in the Kubrick film has normal gravity unlike the international space station.  So coffee drinking would be very difficult because of the surface tension of water is the same in space as it is on earth.  Don Pettit from the international space station shows how people drank coffee from a bag.  Gravity on earth keeps the weight of the coffee at the bottom of the cup.  I found on trendhunter this coffee cup below made by the designer Travis Baldwin.  So now astronauts can drink coffee like they do on earth...well almost.

Travis Baldwin's Portfolio

 One more way how design thinking is shaping this world and outerspace...